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Mustafa & Sharifah Wedding

What can I say about this wedding…? I think this was the most glamorous one of 2015. I mean… an amazing looking bride & groom, a castle, a ballroom wedding with amazing flowers and an awesome dancing company. Need I say more?

You might remember Sharifah and Mustafa from the loveshoot I did with them in their traditional Afghani clothing. (Click here to see the shoot!) This August Rianne, my second shooter, and I went up to Limburg to shoot their wedding. The morning of the wedding we started at Castle Terworm. The bridal party (the girls!) where running around getting dressed, writing stuff down. “I am sorry for the mess!” Sharifah said. But the pro’s that we are (aight Rianne?!) we worked around it and made it work! A little later Mustafa arrived and everyone was running even faster to get things done. The tension got a little higher, because knowing Sharifah (we emailed a lot!) she was going to look amazing. So Mustafa couldn’t wait to see her.

After their first-meet-moment we went off to Aachen, Germany for the fotoshoot. It was impossible to photograph this couple the wrong way. They where both such good models! We had a lot of fun photographing them in the park where later on also the bridesmaids and groomsmen arrived.

After the shoot we went to the Altes Kurhaus in Aachen. Now I knew it was going to be an amazing venue because I have seen the pictures. But literally my mouth fell open when arriving at the venue. The decor was amazing! Thanks to Marte from Bloom Your Life it was just a dream. Big vases with amazing flowers, floral decor over the table. Just a DREAM! Sharifah was so excited, running around all happy. It made my heart so happy to know it turned out the way she envisioned. Even better probably!

A little later the ceremony started. Sharifah’s brother walked her down the isle. Now this was a first for me knowing it would be an islamic ceremony. It was so amazing to be part of this (yes I did cry a little).

In the evening friends and family gathered and danced in front of the couple. It was evident these people had the moves! A little later a Skype conversation was arranged for the couple to see Sharifah’s father. Who sadly couldn’t come over from Canada because he was sick. It was an emotional time for the family and friends.

The cake was cut and before we knew it, it was time for us to go home. We moved out on our way back to the Netherlands, which somehow seemed so less romantic all of the sudden haha!

Mustafa and Sharifah, we had a blast! I am sure this wedding will be in the front of my memories for years to come! Thank you so much for letting us into your wedding.


Mustafa&Sharifah_Morning013_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Morning030_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Morning036_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Morning041_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Morning045_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Morning050_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Morning055_WEBRING-1_WEB Mustafa&Sharifah_Shoot003_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot011_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot016_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot018_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot019_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot023_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot024_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot025_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot027_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot035_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot036_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot051_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot053_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot054_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot059_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot061_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot062_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot068_WEBMustafa&Sharifah_Shoot073_WEB




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  • Laurie Karine

    Wauw Bertina! Genieten 🙂 ik heb deze even gemist geloof ik. Ik houd van die foto met die grote klimplant op een groot deel van het beeld. Zo fijn, die details in de blaadjes.ReplyCancel